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A credit union for City School District employees and their families! We have been in operation since March 17, 1959 serving members.


Once a member always a member...


As a credit union member, you know the benefits of belonging - lower rates on loans, competitive rates on savings and friendly, caring service. We treat you like you own the place, because you do. As a financial cooperative, we exist only for one reason: to provide you, our valued member-owner, with products and services to help you reach your financial goals. Once we ensure we have strong reserves (our rainy day fund), any profits we earn don't go to outside stockholders. They are returned to you in the form of improved rates and better ways to deliver services to you.

So why not do yourself and others a favor and pass the word about joining the credit union? You'll do yourself a favor because as our membership grows, so does our capacity to provide the very best services. You'll do your friends and family a favor by introducing them to the credit union difference - a difference that can help them secure their financial futures. So share the benefits of belonging today. And thanks for being our member!